Cyber Samumu

[Sound On !🎶 ] ( I did the music too for this one because why not trying something new ? ^^')

This one is called "Cyber Samumu "

Cyber Samumu little Story 🤖:

In a futur far far away [ and not a galaxy ;) ] a domestic robot in charge of his owner houses was cleaning the dirty dishes, doing laundry etc..

One day, as he was cleaning around, his owner was watching a samurai movie on Tv. The robot stopped in front of it and fell in love with this martial art : he wanted to become a samurai ! The owner noticed that the robot wasn't doing anything and shouted at him to go back to work .

Since this day , tiny robot spent all of his "free robot time " watching samurai movie on tv, trying to mimic all the battle poses .

Six years passed by and tiny robot started to be obsolete for his owner who decided to buy a new one of his kind and abandoning him on a trash alley under a bridge.

At first, tiny robot was scared : no owner, alone, in the dark...

After a few hours, he stood up, started to grab broken mechanic pieces on the floor and started to bend / melt and weld them together.

And then..Coming out of the darkness of the alley ..Cyber Samumu came to live !


I wanted to thank @szorubs for being super patient with me and my 100 questions about how to do a cool glitch in Nuke ( thank you❤️ ! )