I had a lot of fun with this one 😊.

If you feel like a bit of reading , this is the story of Otis :

Otis was the son of a rich family.

His mother died giving birth to him and his father couldn't care less about him.

He grew up surrounded by every objects and toys he ever desired but never had any friends to play with.

Otis spent most of his time wandering around the huge castle , reading books from his father's collection and his favorite thing to do :spending time in the curiosity cabinet of his father..

One day , as he was swimming in the lake around the castle, a muraine attacked him on his face, and bit him so hard that half of it came off. Otis spent months in his room recovering surrounded by doctors trying to fix him. He survived but got disfigured for life and had trouble to see during day light.

One day, as he got scared by his own reflection in a mirror in the curiosity cabinet he completely lost it and broke every piece of furniture in his room. After the "room massacre" he realised a piece of ornament was on his head like a part of a mask . He looked at himself in the broken mirror, looked again and started to collect pieces of broken parts and put them on his face along with a part of broken skull.

He felt beautiful and powerful for the first time in his life : his long ornamental horns were sooooo long that he couldn't pass the doors.

Otis sits on his father's desk, waiting for him to come and see him. But his father never came..

He grow old and alone one his throne, surrendered by creatures of the nights.
Yep.... 🌈happy✨ ( sorry if you expected unicorns and rainbows xD )
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