The Adelaide Smith Journal

If you feel like reading a bit, this one is also coming with a little story :)

" The Adelaide Smith Journal "

17th june 1965.

Today Jacob asked me to marry him after a long walk in the lovely forest of Epping. It feels so strange to think that I am going to marry my best friend after a lifetime being together.
We are planning to go to Africa's congo basin for our honeymoon. Apparently some parts of the forest are still unexplored and I can't wait to discover them with him !

30th August 1965.

After days on the ferry we finally arrived ! It is so hot here ! We are going to stay with the locals for a few days and then finally start our journey !

2th September 1965.

Today was our first day in the forest.The vegetation is so different here,I almost got bitten by a snake but Jacob killed it right before he attacked me ( that was scary !).

3th september 1965

I have been feeling dizzy since I woke up the entire day, I think the hit is having way much more impact on me than I thought it would .I also got stuck in my mind this strange dream I had during the night..It was...disturbing : Jacob and I couldn't move and were surrendered by huge faces all around us and much smoke..

4th september 1965.

My headache is getting worse and I am not able to eat anything.I don't have any taste, I don't have any smell..I had the same nightmare again but with something a little different this time : a huge horny shape was standing on top of us , almost like a giant tree..

It looks like we are lost in this forest, I hope we will find a familiar path to go back very soon. I am exhausted.

5thseptember 1965

We woke up this morning and it was night.It's been night the entire day.The fog around us is getting thicker by the minute and we can't see anything anymore.I really want to come home .I feel cold .Why does the fire not manage to warm me up anymore?


After a lot of unsolved disappearances in the area, the authorities decided to open an investigation.This is one of the video footage they manage to bring back with them.

After medical examination , two of the skulls on the altar were the one of Adelaide and Jacob.